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Maggie -  

"Archana was my daughters Montessori school teacher and I cannot say enough great things about her. My daughter LOVES Ms. Archana and she loves learning! We have been very impressed with the way she nurtured and taught our child. I will recommend this child care to friends!"

Maria - 

"Wonderminds Montessori School is a wonderful alternative to over crowded day cares. The small batch of kids will ensure that each child gets individual attention and care. The Director - Archana, has over 9 years of experience in professional Montessori schools and is licensed in this field. Having known her personally, I can say that she loves kids and is passionate about her work and overall development of the kids. I am sure Parents will be at peace knowing their children are at the best day care which is safe, homelike and has a good learning curriculum."

Gitanjali - 

"Wonder Minds is a great opportunity for little kids to grow with their abilities and learn towards exploring the future. It is opened by my friend, Archana Pendse in a setup of a home that will help each kid on personal level. We have known her through, as good family friends, for almost over 7 years with our kids growing together. Archana is a certified Montessori teacher having good experience teaching kids with fervor, enthusiasm and true to the profession. She and her family are focused on safety, learning and caring for a better tomorrow. I highly recommend Wonder Minds Montessori for little beginners :) Kudos to Archana !!"

Candice -

"Mrs. Archana was my daughter's Montessori teacher and I can't express how wonderful she was with her and all her classmates. As a working mother, I didn't just want a babysitter for my child, I want someone who was going to be an extension of me, who would plant seeds of growth and love, and Mrs. Archana did just that! I would highly recommend her to teach any child, and I am confident you will be just as pleased as we were!"

Sonal -

 "I started sending my daughter to Wonderminds Montessori a month ago. Initially I was skeptical about moving her from a regular school to a home certified montessori. But my husband and I are so happy with the decision to move her to Wonderminds.
-The biggest advantage I see is the attention that my daughter gets from Miss Archana. At a regular school with 1 teacher and 20 kids, children get so little attention. Here the group of kids is much smaller and every kid gets a lot of individual attention.
- In 3 days of going to school my daughter came home and proudly showed me how she could write her name in lower case. A few days later she was doing addition of big numbers.
- We are also very happy with Miss Archana. She has such a wonderful way with kids. My daughter who can be quite stubborn is totally mesmerized when her teacher does science experiments or creative crafts.

I felt initially how could one get all the amenities that one finds in a regular school, but we found that Wonderminds has everything that we could ask for (security, cameras, splash pad, outdoor yard play time..) All the material aspects of a regular school plus so much more. And nothing beats the joy of seeing my daughter so excited to go to Miss Archana's school every morning.

We would highly recommend Wonderminds to any parents exploring day care/montessori options for their kids."